Wednesday, 13 June 2012

To get a life...

This happened last week.

I was not spending a lot of time on FB or playing any games. Just that it was becoming irritating and ... depressing.. I've had enough of the lolcatz, troll pictures, amazing quotes of the day, knowing whether someone resembles John Abraham and how many points they've earned on Zynga Slingo. Well, just as I expected, I'm not missing it at all.

The next thing to come under the axe might be my smartphone. Reason, I spend too much time playing Wordament. It is an interesting game, there's a grid of 16 alphabets, and you need to find as many words as possible in 2 minutes by swiping across the letters. The timing of the games is synchronized across the world, so that everyone sees the same board. After 2 minutes, there's a 45 second gap where the scores are shown.

Note that I'm a very pathetic player compared to the stats I see on the LeaderBoard. While I average 280 points and 25 words, there are players who average 800 points and 70-80 words... My maximum is 43 words in 2 minutes, that's under 3 seconds per word. I can't even imagine how people find words at 1-2 seconds per word.

Anyway, I've become addicted to this game. I see this screen (or some random letters anyway) when I close my eyes, and I start connecting them... 

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