Thursday, 7 June 2012

Feed your brains!

I'm hooked to RSS feeds - all because of Feedly. I've 50+ article sources, out of which around 5-10 are heavy posters/websites. I mostly glance through these, or if I've not read for one or two weeks, I just mark most of them as read. The rest of them post occasionally, and I read these almost always.

I don't think there's a better way to keep track of blogs/sites which are of interest to you. Email subscription is a thing of the past - when you are checking emails, you usually don't have time to read the articles, and you are only interested in a real email. Also, unread emails is kind of irritating.

There's no such issue with RSS feeds - you can easily mark all articles from a particular source as unread. You can share and save easily, find similar articles etc.

A quick snapshot of my categories and sources in feedly:

If you are interested in reading blogs in general, and use Chrome/Firefox, do take a look at Feedly. It is available as an extension for your browser/Android/iPhone. You can sync your sources with your Google Reader, find and add new sources easily, and most importantly, have a very good user experience reading your articles.

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